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Idol Densetsu Eriko – Unchained Heart (Singable Translation)

August 10, 2012

All you people on the street are so busy — what you doin’?
Rushing here and there in the rat race every morning in the city
You don’t know the reason why, you just gotta keep movin’
Chasing after numbers every single day
I’ve gotta get away

All alone, through the city streets I walk, away from the crowd
If they want to call me strange for that, well, that’s OK
But baby, there’s just one thing I’ll never forget
And that’s to live life my own way

* Come on everybody, stand up
Light a burning fire inside of your soul
No matter how people may try, your heart can’t be controlled
Come on everybody, wake up
Don’t you ever let the times deceive you
In my hands I’m holding this unchained heart

With your words so tough and sharp, you’re pretending to be brave
But you still can’t hide that deep down inside you’re scared of what tomorrow will bring
Come on, you know everyone’s the same, all our hearts are full of pain
Through the maze of life, we stumble along
We’ve gotta get away

Lonely nights, I curled up in the dark, lost and afraid
Over and over, whistling the same old song
But baby, I’m not gonna give up my sweet dream
Just for a shoulder to cry on

Come on everybody, stand up
Gather up your courage, stand tall and proud
Put your yesterdays away and just think about right now
Come on everybody, wake up
Don’t just go along with what others do
The most important thing is that you have an unchained heart

* repeat

(See the more literal translation of this song here.)

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