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Vocaloid – Hitobashira Alice (Singable Translation)

August 10, 2012

Alice number one strode bravely into Wonderland, pressing on and ever onward with her sword in hand
Ruthlessly she cut down each soul that got in her way, leaving behind a path of crimson where their bodies lay
That Alice now deep within the forest lies,
Imprisoned like a criminal, hidden from all others’ eyes
Aside from the crimson path that led her to her fall, there is no other sign that she was ever there at all.

Alice number two stepped meekly into Wonderland, singing a song for everyone to hear and understand
The sweet sounds that did from within him overflow birthed a world of madness that would only grow and grow
That Alice was a rose in his prime
Until a madman cruelly cut him down before his time
A single rose, painted red, blooms brightly as he falls, on display for everyone and admired by all.

Alice number three was a girl so young and free; she came into Wonderland as pretty as can be
Deceiving countless people with her beauty and her lies, to a country strange and terrible her actions did give rise
That Alice was the wondrous county’s queen
Her mind taken over by a dark and twisted dream
Afraid of her body which seems to decay, she rules over Wonderland even to this very day

Following the tiny path beneath the forest trees, among the red rosebushes taking their tea
From the Palace then an invitation came — the Ace of Hearts was its name…

Alice number four was twins, a little boy and girl; out of curiosity they came to this new world
Passing through so many doors as they went on their way, they hadn’t been in Wonderland for more than a day
The sister was quite strong of will, the brother sharp of wit
Together they came closest to the true Alice, and yet…
From their dream the two of them shall be awaking never, for they are lost in Wonderland, to wander there forever.

(See the more literal translation of this song here.)

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