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Vocaloid – Koi wa Sensou (Singable Translation)

August 10, 2012

Now there’s no, no place left for it to go, this heat of love that overflows

The clouds are dark and grey, the city noise is monochrome
The light casts a shadow, the twilight changes color as it grows

Ah, the world blurs before my eyes, but even so, I will go on loving you
I know this, but despite that what can I do about it?
How, how can I; what, what should I…
Oh what a fool… I am

What am I waiting for? I know that this is war
I just can’t stand to see you there so happy without me
Love as deep as mine, it ought to be a crime
I’ll show you my true feelings and I swear I’ll make you see

I tried shouting through a megaphone, but it’s been broken now
I’m not in your field of vision now however tall I stretch myself out

Ah, before I even knew, the sky had cleared, and it does not suit me at all
I can’t hold back this love I feel for you and
How, how can I; what, what should I…

Because I’m never, ever going to cry

I love you

Let the fighting start, and aim straight for the heart
I never would have chosen for things to turn out this way
My skirt flutters in the breeze — just look at me, please
I’ll show it to you and I swear I’ll steal your gaze away

Counterattack ready
This battle that I’m fighting is a losing one for me
Love is like being blind
And I just need your kiss to open up my eyes

(See the more literal translation of this song here.)

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