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Vocaloid – Spy ga Oppai (Singable Translation)

August 10, 2012

I’m a spy just like a black cat
An agent that melts into the midnight darkness
Showing myself to you for just a moment
Quickly I leap away into the silence
I am a mystery

Shimmying down a creaking wire
Easily avoiding the traps that were set up
This game’s over and my score’s higher
My luscious lips are shimmering red as blood
I use my senses wisely

I fell into a trap

My body’s captured and exposed to you
You play with it, it’s so hot I don’t know what to do
Before break of day I decide that it’s time to end this game
And disappear into the night

Gazing out at the midnight city
The lights, they all twinkle like colored candies
The strippers here just keep on talking
They’ll chatter on ’bout anything
A cheap and easy mission

I got caught in a trap

My body’s captured in your sweaty hands
Oh, it’s too much–that place is classified information
When your lips meet mine, our passionate sighs combine, but when we pull away
I disappear into the night

It’s a checkmate, my victory’s secure
But it’s no use, I can’t pull the trigger on you
Before break of day, let’s just you and me go far away
Take my hand

And we’ll fly

(See the more literal translation of this song here.)

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