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Revolutionary Girl Utena – When Where Who Which

August 27, 2012

when where who which
when where who which

砂漠の冬のスフィンクス フィンクス

kioku no ori no chi no nagare
sennen shifuku no yurikago no
watashi wa haiyuu tatoete eikyuu
sabaku no fuyu no SUFINKUSU FINKUSU

The flow of blood from the cage of memory
In the cradle of the Thousand-Year Kingdom
I am an actor, cast for eternity
As a sphinx-phinx in the winter desert


tanjou shibou no nikutai no
kanashiki kaze o kimi shiru ya
sei naru haiyuu tatoete eikyuu
naraku e ochita an’inkou MARUJINOO

Now you know the mournful wind
Of flesh born to die
A holy actor, cast for eternity
As a darkly shining marginaux [1]  fallen into Hell


hikare moeyo, samete utae
sekai ni tanjou, shunkan tanjou
sono kurikaeshi

Shine! Burn! Cool down, and sing!
I am born into this world for but a moment
Which repeats

Translator’s Notes

[1] “Marginaux”, as you may have guessed, is French, and while I barely speak a word of French, as best I can tell, as a noun it basically means “something which is marginal or marginalized”, or more specifically a marginalized person, someone who lives on the fringes of society.

(Original lyrics by J.A. Seazer.)

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