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Sound Horizon – Shinwa (Mythos)

April 14, 2014

Shinwa (Mythos) – 神話 (Μυθος) – Legend (Mythos)

始源 世界には唯混沌あり 軈て 万物の母なる者の目醒め
母なる者 混沌より子を成さん 其は即ち 創世の三楽神である

In the beginning, chaos filled the world. After a while, the mother of all life awakens.
She creates children from this world of chaos. They are the genesis. They were gods we call Muse.

母なる者 自ら天空双神の眷属を生み

Rythmos and Harmonia conceived Eos and Nyx.
Melos and Harmonia conceived Helios and Fengari.
Eos and Nyx conceived the relatives of Gaea.
Helios and Fengari conceived the relatives of Thalassa.
The Mother herself conceives Ouranos, [1]
In final conceives Thanatoi which bears Hellenes. [2]


Chronos, the vertical bearer of time… Bios, the horizontal flame of life…
The weaver of the universe uses both strings… If this is the reason we call it destiny…
Oh… Goddess, what kind of world will thou weave?


The 6th Horizon “Moira”

創世詩奏で始めた 神話華やぐ時代

souseishi [Genesis] kanadehajimeta shinwa [Mythos] hanayagu jidai
Katarite wa dare zo (Katarite wa warera)
Utaite wa dare zo (Utaite wa warera)

Genesis began to be played, in an era when Mythos flourished
Who are the tellers? (We are the tellers)
Who are the singers? (We are the singers)
Daughters of the Goddess of Song [Harmonias]

長女・Ιωνια 次女・Δωρια 三女・Φρυγια
四女・Λυδια 五女・Αιορια 六女・Ροκρια

Ionia, Doria, Phrygia
Lydia, Aeolia, Locria

The eldest daughter [Ionia], the second daughter [Doria], the third daughter [Phrygia]
The fourth daughter [Lydia], the fifth daughter [Aeolia], the sixth daughter [Locria] [3]


Tis Harmonias

We are the six sisters, daughters of the Goddess of Song


The Kingdom of Anemos -> The Kingdom of Mache
The Kingdom of Photia -> The Kingdom of Gaea
The Kingdom of Phos -> The Kingdom of Dynamis
The Kingdom of Hydra ->

Anatolia, the Kingdom of Anemos -> Thracia, the Kingdom of Mache
Macedonia, the Kingdom of Photia -> Thessalia, the Kingdom of Gaea
Aethria, the Kingdom of Phos -> Boeotia, the Kingdom of Dynamis
Laconia, the Kingdom of Hydra -> [4]


[1] Eos is the god of dawn, Nyx the goddess of night, Helios the god of the sun, Fengari the goddess of the moon, Gaea the goddess of the earth, Thalassa the goddess of the sea, and Ouranos the god of the sky. With the exception of Fengari, they are all actual figures in Greek mythology, although none are Olympians and many are relatively minor. (Eos’s gender has also been changed for the purposes of Moira‘s mythology.)

[2] A better translation of the Japanese lines here would be “And last came those who bear death [Thanatoi]—namely, the mortals [Hellenes, lit. Greeks].”

[3] The Harmonias are named after the types of diatonic scales, although there’s no Mixolydia, presumably because that sounds a bit silly as a name.

[4] Oh boy, more deities! Anemos is the god of wind, Mache the goddess of war, Photia the goddess of fire, Phos the god of light, Dynamis the goddess of wisdom and/or strength (depending on whether you go by the Japanese or the Greek; if she’s an Athena-analogue, both may be appropriate), and Hydra the god of water. Unlike the previously-mentioned deities, none of these (to the best of my knowledge) actually appear in Greek mythology, although of course there is a monster called the Hydra. All the places mentioned are actual regions of the Hellenic world except for Aethria, oddly enough.

The words in square brackets are what is sung, where it differs from what is written in the lyrics booklet. The stanzas in parentheses are not in the lyrics booklet and have been transcribed by ear.

(Original lyrics by Revo.)

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