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Sound Horizon – Shinwa no Shuuen (Telos)

March 17, 2015

Shinwa no Shuuen (Telos) – 神話の終焉 (Τελος) – The End of the Legend (Telos)


And then,
The gate of Hades is opened by the hands of a man…

… 其れこそが … 永き神話のオワリを告げる

It is this that signals the end of the long long mythos…
The sterile and heartless battle, the very beginning of Necromachia


(“Moira yo… kore ga, anata no nozonda sekai na no ka-!!”)

(“O Moira… is this the world you desired?”)


(“Mokushita mama… nani mo kataranu… kami wa… ikite iru no ka… shinda no ka…?”)

(“In silence, saying nothing… are the gods alive? Are they dead?”)

「おおお…ぉぉ!! 」

(“Anata, kiite kudasai na. Tsui ni watashi no o-naka ni, watashi-tachi no ai no kesshou ga yadorimashita wa!”
“O-isha-sama no o-hanashi de wa, futago kamo shirenai no desu tte!”
“Oo!! Eirene!! Itoshi no waga tsuma yo!”
“… Mou…”
“Khorosho!! Khorosho!! Khorosho!!!”
“Anata ttara…”
“Umarete kuru kodomo no na wa, tooi mukashi ni mou, kimete aru no desu zoo!”)

(“Dear, listen to me. A jewel of our love is now dwelling in my womb.”
“According to the doctor, it might be twins.”
“Ohhh, Eirene, my beloved wife!”
“Really, now…”
“Khorosho!! Khorosho!! Khorosho!!!”
“Oh, you…”
“The names of the children that will be born were decided in the distant past!”)

(So as an old woman… or as a little girl…
like a poet does… Mythos tells a story…)

(The creator, the mother of all life,
Goddess of destiny…)


(No eye has ever gazed upon her)


The words in square brackets are what is sung, where it differs from what is written in the lyrics booklet. The stanzas in parentheses are not in the lyrics booklet and have been transcribed by ear; they may contain errors.

(Original lyrics by Revo.)


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