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Sound Horizon – Ai to Iu Na no Toga

June 5, 2015

Ai to Iu Na no Toga – 愛と言う名の咎 – A Sin Called Love[1]


さて。箱の中の猫は、生きているのか? 死んでいるのか? 其れでは、檻の中を覗いてみよう―


(Since the {sixth archive}, {what is known as my consciousness} has been linked to that horizon…

[She] had a disposition inclined to accept the thing known as {fate}. It is an existence which one can explain as {nature} or {divine providence} or {causality} or {a goddess}. At the end of the vicissitudes of life, she wished deep in her heart to be reunited with the brother from whom she was separated, but due to the ambition of that cunning villain, she was sacrificed, and died by the water as if trying to grasp the reflection of the moon…

The conclusion of this tragedy is a factor that can be moved to the right or left. I tried denying her ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a…

Now, then. Is the cat in the box alive? Or dead? Let’s try peeking into the cage–)


“Nante nigeashi no hayai onna da!”
“Oi, doke!”
“Eei, chokomaka to”
“Naani, tekagen wa shite’ru sa. O-tanoshimi wa kore kara da. Sou darou?”
“So, sou da na…”)

“That woman can really run!”
“A deer?”
“It ran away?!”
“Hey, move it!”
“She’s energetic…”
“I’ll go easy on you. The fun’s just getting started, right?”
“R- right…”)

追っ手の影 を 振り切る よう 暗い森 を 駆け抜ける よ
牡鹿が道 を 差し示す よう 蒼く角 を 照らす月夜
乙女の意志 を 断ち切る よう 長い髪 を 北風のように…

otte no kage o furikiru you kurai mori o kakenukeru yo
oshika ga michi o sashishimesu you aoku tsuno o terasu tsukiyo
otome no ishi o tachikiru you nagai kami o kitakaze no you ni…
tsumetaku naida…

As if to shake off the shadows of her pursuers, she runs into the forest
As if the stag were showing the way, the pale moonlight illuminates his antlers
As if to slice through the maiden’s will, they cut through her long hair
Coldly, like the North Wind…
And then…
They draw closer…

絶対絶命… 美人は薄命
待ってる運命… 《水神への供物巫女》に任命…

zettai zetsumei… bijin wa hakumei
motte’ru unmei… {suijin e no kumotsu miko} [ikenie] ni ninmei…

She’s cornered… the beautiful always do die young
The fate she carries… is to be a sacrifice to the water god…

そんなに女が好きなら 冥府で好きなだけ抱くがいい!

kitanee sono te o DOKEro!
{hontou no koto o iu to tenjou no megami-tachi ga shitto shite hidoi me ni awasareru kara
bengijou… shiseru mono-tachi no} sekai de ichiban kawaii imouto kara
sonna ni onna ga suki nara meifu de suki na dake daku ga ii!

Get your filthy hands off her!
Don’t touch my sister, the cutest one {in the world of the dying ones…
or so I’ll say, because to say what I really think would bring the jealousy and wrath of the goddesses upon me}
If you like women so much, then you can embrace as many as you want in Hades!


(“Elef?” Hontou ni Elef na no?”)

(“Elef? Elef, is that really you?”)

「騙り手は誰ぞ?」 「騙り手は我等!」
「唄い手は誰ぞ?」 「唄い手は我等!」

{souseishi} [Genesis] kanadehajimeta {shinwa} [Mythos] hanayagu jidai
“katarite wa dare zo?” “katarite wa warera!”
“utaite wa dare zo?” “utaite wa warera!”
{kuroneko shishimai} [Hallelujah]

Genesis began to be played, in an era when Mythos flourished
“Who are the deceivers?” “We are the deceivers!”
“Who are the singers?” “We are the singers!”[2]
The four black cat sisters (Hallelujah)[3]

嗚呼… 我等を試すように 天は絶えず難事を降らす
その神意を人間は疑わずに 唯受け入れることしか――――――

aa… warera o tamesu you ni ten wa taezu nanji o furasu
sono shin’i o hito wa utagawazu ni tada ukeireru koto shika–

Ah… to test us, the heavens constantly rain misfortune down upon us
Faced with such a divine will, people can do nothing but–[4]

出来ないと思って… いたけれど… 突然…
心の奥で生まれた… その《衝動》に…
従うように… 駆け出してた… 在るがままに… 成すがままに…

dekinai to omotte… ita keredo… totsuzen…
kokoro no oku de umareta… sono {shoudou} [koe] ni…
shitagau you ni… kakedashite’ta… aru ga mama ni… nasu ga mama ni…

–Accept it, I thought… but suddenly…
As if following the voice of an impulse that was born in my heart
I started to run… as I was… as I intended…

あの頃よりも 背が伸びたね  君の方こそ《大人の女性》になった
やっと逢えたね これから二人 何が遭っても 離れずにいよう!

ano koro yori mo se ga nobita ne kimi no hou koso {dainin no josei} [kirei] ni natta
yatto aeta ne kore kara futari nani ga atte mo hanarezu ni iyou!

You’ve really grown taller since we last saw each other And you’ve grown into a beautiful woman
Finally we’ve found each other, and from now on, no matter what happens, we’ll never be separated again!

誰かを不幸にするとしても 叶えたい願いがあった
《運命》に背く許されぬ咎を 夫々に犯して
正義より 倫理より 《第六の地平》より たったヒトり 君だけを愛そう!

dareka o fukou ni suru to shite mo kanaetai negai ga atta
{unmei} [Moira] ni somuku yurusarenu toga o sorezore ni okashite
seigi yori rinri yori {dairoku no chihei} [sekai] yori tatta HITORI kimi dake o aisou!

We had wishes that we wanted granted even if it would cause someone misfortune
We both committed the unforgivable sin of turning against Moira
More than justice; more than morals; more than this world, the sixth horizon; I’ll love only you!


(“Miko ga ita zo!”
“Iku zo, Misia!”
“Zettai nigasuna!! Kono mama ja orera mo Scorpius-sama ni korosareru zo!”
“Shitsukoi yatsura da!”
“Shikata nai wa. Karera mo hisshi na n’da wa!”
“Ore… kono sensou ga owattara kekkon suru n’da…!”)

(“There’s the priestess!”
“Let’s go, Misia!”
“I won’t let you get away! Or else Lord Scorpius will kill us too!”
“They’re stubborn bastards!”
“There’s nothing for it. They’re just as desperate!”
“As soon as this war is over, I’m getting married…!”)


(“Kuso! Kore demo kurae!!”)

(“Dammit! Take that!”)


(“Gu… ore wa mou DAME daa… ato wa tanomu zo, ashibaya no Achilleus!!”
“KUSOO… shikkari shiro! Teukros!!”
“Oo…? Matee! Omaera! Atarashii shintaku ga kudasareta zo!!”
“Na, nandattee?!!”
“Jaa, kaeru ka…”)

(“Ugh… I’m done for… I’ll leave the rest to you, fleet-footed Achilleus!!”
“Dammit… hang in there! Teukros!”
“Oh…? Wait! All of you! We’ve been given new orders!!”
“W- what the…?!!”
“Well, shall we go back…?”)

(Where could the love really come from and fade away?
The unknown lady who chose the way against “Moira”.
She is the “Nein”)

追っ手の足は途絶えず… 蠍のような執念で…
幾度も私達の後を… 付け回した…

otte no ashi wa totaezu… sasori no you na shuunen de…
ikudomo watashi-tachi no ato o… tsukemawashita…

With the tenacity of scorpions, our pursuers never stopped
Again and again they came close to catching us…


{ORION ga iru seito no hougaku}
↑anioshi [yukute wa kita ka minami ka… ani wa kita ga ii to itta keredo]
“socchi wa hoshi no mawari ga warui!”
↓imooshi [de, minami o oshita]
{ooki na minato ga aru hougaku}

Should we go north or south? My brother said north, in the direction of the capital where Orion was
“But the alignment of the stars there is bad!”
So at my suggestion we headed south, in the direction of the large port

嗚呼… 不意に 手を伸ばしたら 届きそうね
水面に揺れる淡い月 背中に受け
真っ直ぐ伸ばしたその手で 彼の手を取った――――――

yoru no shijima ni hitaru izumi
aa… fui ni te o nobashitara todokisou ne
minamo ni yureru awai tsuki senaka ni uke
massugu nobashita sono te de kare no te o totta–

In the silence of the night, we bathed in a spring
Ah… suddenly it seemed like if I stretched my hand out, I could reach it
But I turned my back to the pale moon trembling on the water’s surface
And reached straight out and took his hand–

朝凪の丘を越え… 潮風に誘われ……

asanagi no oka o koe… shiokaze ni sasoware…

In the stillness of the morning, we climbed over the hill, lured by the salt breeze…


(“Oi, kiita ka? Ano Arcadia de ooki na nairan ga atta rashii”
“Ooi… bussou na yo no naka ni natta mon da naa…”
“Mata kore kaa…”
“Mata sensou ka… Anatolia wa dou nacchamau n’darou naa…”
“Iyaou mo nai…”
“Moira nomizo shiru tte ka?”
“Tte, waraenee naa…”)

(“Hey, have you heard? Apparently there was a big civil war in Arcadia.”
“What a dangerous world we live in these days, huh…”
“This again…”
“Another war… I wonder what will happen with Anatolia…”
“Well, there’s nothing we can do…”
“Moira only knows, right?”
“Hey, don’t laugh…”)

寄せては返す波の音を その肩越しに聴きながら
「何処か遠くの小さな島で 二人暮らせたら素敵ね♪」
何てこと… 考えたり… しちゃったりして…
小石に躓い… 痛っ!

yosete wa kaesu nami no oto o sono katagoshi ni hibikinagara
“dokoka tooku no chiisa na shima de futari kurasetara suteki ne♪”
nante koto… kangaetari… shichattari shite…
koishi ni tsumazui… ita!

With the sound of the waves washing in and out echoing at our backs
“Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could live together on some small, distant island?”
Distracted by thinking about that…
I tripped over a pebble… ouch!


“Daijoubu kai?”
“Oi! Temee, DOORI ja nee ka?!”
“Oohoo, hisashii na Ele-bou! Temee, maada kutabattenakatta no ka. Hahahaha!!”
“Choudo ii tokoro de atta ze, ashita omae no fune ni nosete kureru ka na?”
“Ii to mo!”)

“Are you all right?”
“Hey! Is that you, Dori?!”
“Oho, long time no see, Ele! So you haven’t kicked the bucket yet, after all. Hahahaha!!”
“We met at just the perfect time. Could you give us a ride on your boat tomorrow?”

流浪の途上 (はいはい) 幾度めかの奴隷市場 (たらたらしてんじゃねぇよ!)
哀しいけれど… (くそがッ) いちいち助けていたのでは… (お待ち下さいぃぃーー!!!)

嗚呼… 今日も何処かで 戦いは続くのだろうけれど
穏やかな 暮らしの中で
幸せを 抱きしめては いけませんか?

rurou no tojou (hai hai) ikudomeka no dorei ichiba (taratara shite n’ja nee yo!)
kanashii keredo… (kuso ga) ichiichi tasukete ita no de wa… (o-machikudasaiii!!!)
KIRI ga nai…
aa… kyou mo dokoka de tatakai wa tsudzuku no darou keredo
odayaka na kurashi no naka de
shiawase o dakishimete wa ikemasen ka?

In the course of our journey (yes, yes), we passed countless slave markets (Don’t slow down!)
It’s sad, but… (Dammit) if we tried to save each one of them… (Waiiiiiiit!!!)
There’d be no end to it…
Ah… somewhere the battle is probably still raging today
But is it so wrong to embrace the happiness
Of a peaceful life?


(“betsu ni ii n’ja nai?”)

(“It’s all right, isn’t it?”)

何かと理由をつけて… 死に魅入られた彼を…
その血の匂いから… 遠ざけた…
彼に為すべき事を… させなっかたのは…
そう… 私… 悪い女ね… けれど……

nanika to riyuu o tsukete… shi ni miirareta kare o…
sono chi no nioi kara… toozaketa…
kare ni nasubeki koto o… sasenakatta no wa…
sou… watashi… warui onna ne… keredo…

He was entranced by death… so I kept coming up with reasons…
To distance him… from the scent of blood…
I’m the one who kept him from the thing he was meant to do…
Yes… I’m… a terrible woman… but…

(「ミーシャ♡ ミーシャ♪ ミーシャ♡ ミーシャ♪ ミーシャ♡」
「エレフ♪ エレフ♡ エレフ♪ エレフ♡ エレフ♪」)

(Misia♡ Misia♪ Misia♡ Misia♪ Misia♡”
“Elef♪ Elef♡ Elef♪ Elef♡ Elef♪”)

(Misia♡ Misia♪ Misia♡ Misia♪ Misia♡”
“Elef♪ Elef♡ Elef♪ Elef♡ Elef♪”)


{daiku no genjitsu} [futari o tsusumu tasogare no naka sekai wa kagayaite]

This world, the Ninth Reality, sparkles in the twilight that surrounds them

儘 問に惑い 解を違え 累の海へ堕る
唯 愛を求め 悔て騙り 星が空に舞う

mama toi ni madoi kae o tagae rui no umi e otsuru
tada ai o motome kuite katari sei ga sora ni mau

As it is… being confused by the question → mistaking the answer → you fall into the sea of evil
Just… seeking love → regretting and deceiving → the stars dance in the sky[5]


(“Scorpius. Omae no shingeki mo koko made da!
{hoshi megami} [Astra] no yumiya wa, neratta emono o dokomademo oikake tsuranuku!
koukatsu na sasori yo, ima koko de kuchiku shite yaru!!!!”)

(“Scorpius. Your attack ends here!
Astra’s bow and arrow will always pierce their quarry, no matter where it may be![6]
Devious scorpion, I’ll kill you where you stand!!!!”)


“Zannen datta na. Hydra no tate wa nanimono o mo toosanu!
Soshite, kore koso ga subete o tsuranuku Brontius no yari da!”)

“How unfortunate for you. The shield of Hydra won’t let anything through!
And this is the spear of Brontius, which can pierce through anything!”)

死せる物達が 駆け抜ける 神話の時代よ
奔らざる英雄 馳せし奸雄 変わり往く《運命》

shiseru mono-tachi ga kakenukeru shinwa no jidai yo
hashirazaru eiyuu haseshi kan’yuu kawariyuku {unmei} [sadame]

The dying ones raced through the era of myth
The fleeing heroes, the hurrying villains, are changing their fates[7]

誰かを犠牲にしたとしても 通したい想いがあった
《運命》に背く許されぬを 夫々に犯した
自由より 平和より 《第六の地平》より たったヒトり 君だけが尊い!

dareka o gisei ni shita to shite mo tooshitai omoi ga atta
{unmei} [Moira] ni somuku yurusarenu toga o sorezore ni okashita
jiyuu yori heiwa yori {dairoku no chihei} [sekai] yori tatta HITORI kimi dake ga toutoi!

We had feelings that we wanted to convey even if it would make someone a sacrifice
We have both committed the unforgivable sin of turning against Moira
More than freedom; more than peace; more than this world, the sixth horizon; I’ll treasure only you!

其れでも「戦え」と《創造主》は言う 繰り返し「戦え」と「昏い瞳の主」は言う
ならば《死せる物達》が戦うべきは 本当の敵は何処だ?
例え《摂理》を《否定し》た《地平線》でも 君が傍にいるなら何も畏れない!

soredemo “tatakae” to {souzousha} [kami] wa iu kurikaeshi “tatakae” to “kurai hitomi no shu” [kami] wa iu
naraba {shiseru mono-tachi} [wareware] ga tatakaubeki wa hontou no teki wa doko da?
tatoe {setsuri} [kami] o {hitei shi}[ayame]ta {chiheisen} [sekai] demo kimi ga katawara ni iru nara nani mo osorenai!

But if the Creator says “Fight!”–if the Dark-Eyed Lord keeps repeating “Fight!”–
Then where is the enemy that we dying ones should truly be fighting?
Even if this is a world that has denied divine will and slain its gods, as long as you are by my side I will fear nothing


(“Kami no kenzoku mo dorei mo, Hellenes mo Barbaroi mo subete hitotsu ni heigou o togeta. Ou ni naru no wa kono watashi da!”)

(“The descendants of the gods and the slaves, the Hellenes and the Barbaroi–they’ve all met the same fate. Now, I shall become king!”)


(“zutto issho ni iyou ne, Elef”
“Aa, mochiron sa”)

(“Let’s be together forever, Elef!”
“Yes, of course!”)


[1] You’ve probably picked up the pattern by now, but this is based on Moira, providing an alternate outcome for the encounter in Shiseru Otome Sono Te ni wa Suigetsu -Parthenos-.

[2] cf Shinwa -Mythos-–though this version does one of those clever homophone things that translate so badly, with the original’s 語り手 “katarite” (tellers) replaced with 騙り手 “katarite” (deceivers).

[3] Not sure about what’s said here–“Hallelujah” seems to be the general consensus as far as I can see, but it’s really indistinct.

[4] cf Hoshi Megami no Miko -Artemisia-

[5] cf Kami no Hikari -Moira-

[6] 進撃 “shingeki” (attack, advance) and 弓矢 “yumiya” (bow and arrow) are of course perfectly normal words that a person might use for any number of reasons, but given how self-referential this album is (and Revo’s work is generally), I would be very surprised if their appearance in close proximity here were a coincidence.

[7] cf Shiseru Eiyuu-tachi no Tatakai -Heromachia-

(Original lyrics by Revo.)

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  1. I think what the four cat sister said were “yaneura” aka the attic. Not sure why they’re saying that, but maybe it’s because they’re beings of the attic? Or maybe it could be some unclear Greek, but my best bet atm is Yaneura. Anyway, thank you for the translation!

    • Hmm, that could be it! All I can really make out with any clarity are the vowels, which could belong to “hallelujah” or “yaneura” or something else entirely. I’m not liking “hallelujah,” though, even if it seems to be the popular choice, both because the Christian reference seems out of place in the fake Greek mythology and because the original line was a name/description for the singers and I’d expect this version to be similar. “Yaneura” is a closer match to that (because they seem to belong to the attic shop in a way), but I still can’t be confident that it’s right.

  2. nasty-eyecandy permalink

    I swear I can hear them saying “Arena” during the choir part. Isn’t Arena the name of the antique shop owner’s cat? Then there’s the fact that those cat ladies are the ones who showed Nöel the antique shop’s collection. But we know nothing for sure D:

    • Thanks, but I’m not hearing that–it doesn’t seem to match either the syllable count or the vowel sounds that I can make out. It’s a tough one, though!

    • A lot of laurant I know believe that Arena actually refers to the arena area which is usually the surrounding area of the stage (like in Halloween’s version of Stardust by Minami or Jimangtius’ Iromachia). So it’s a possibility that it’s not her cat’s name and the Shopkeep breaks the 4th wall or she’s refering to the cats around her ‘stage’ when calling for them.

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