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Sound Horizon – Nein End Notes

June 17, 2015


The concept known as “parallel worlds.”
When the horizon is crammed into one tiny miniature garden, what kinds of stories will be able to be born?
If “observation” is defined as “creation,”
Then the observation of invisible events is an illusory freedom.
If that illusion is known as an “explanation,”
Then the “explanation of the ninth story” is not a “right answer” or anything of that sort,
It is no more than a single model displaying an ideal.
With pictures and also with words,
Perhaps that explanation can become a message to your brethren.
With ten years passing by in the blink of an eye as if they were but a moment,
The journey of the gods who are continually born into the world is only just beginning…


From → Nein

  1. Aozora permalink

    Hoshizora no Uta is actually the “lalala” part from Saihate no L! Notice how at the end of Noel’s vocal’s, there’s these beeps similar like in the beginning of each songs, on which Bebo (Bengijou R.E.V.O.) spoke about “the reason of his birth”, before proceeding to the lalala part, which is, the song he crafted regarding his feelings after Noel’s rejection to his doings.

    These lines written at the end of the booklet is a note from Revo, similar like the writings on the end of the Halloween’s booklet regarding people’s belief about fact or fantasy.

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