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Lia – Spica

June 25, 2015


nemuri no toki ga kite katachi sae itsuka kiete
soredemo kimi ga kureta omoi dake wa nokoru deshou

Someday I’ll no longer be able to see your form even when I sleep
But the feelings you gave to me–those alone will remain


yubisaki o nigireba omoidasu
eien o chikatta sono imi o

When I clench my fingers, I remember
What it meant when we promised each other forever

最後の風を見てた 高台の風車が止まる
これからどこにゆこう? ひとり自分に聞いてみる

saigo no kaze o mite’ta takadai no fuusha ga tomaru
kore kara doko ni yukou? hitori jibun ni kiite miru

I was watching the last wind; the windmill on the hill stops turning
“Where should I go from here?” I try asking myself, alone


namida de nijinda me demo mae ni arukidasu tsuyosa ga hoshii

Though my eyes are clouded with tears, I want to have the strength to walk forward


itsuka owaru hi wa yasashii yume o mita
zutto dakishimete agetakatta sotto

I had a sweet dream of the day when it would end
I wanted to hold you forever, softly

世界が眠りにつく そんな夕映えにも見えた

sekai ga nemuri ni tsuku sonna yuubae ni mo mieta
soredemo kimi ga kureta chikai dake wa nokoru deshou

I could see it even in the sunset as the world sank into sleep
But the promise you gave to me–that alone will remain


asa wa atsui koucha o irete mita
nemutte bakari ita kimi ni

In the morning, I tried making hot black tea
For you, who were only sleeping


itsuka owaru hi wa yasashii yume no naka
zutto dakishimete hoshikatta ano hito ni

In a sweet dream of the day when it would end
I wanted that person to hold me forever


itsuka owaru hi wa yasashii yume o mita
zutto soba ni ita kimi no ude de naita

I had a sweet dream of the day when it would end
You were always by my side, and I cried in your arms

どこへゆけるのか 自分に聞いてみる

doko e yukeru no ka jibun ni kiite miru
zutto kimi to ita kono basho o wasurete

“Where can I go,” I try asking myself,
“To forget this place where I was always with you?”


doko e


(Original lyrics by Maeda Jun.)

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