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binaria – Hana no Namae

December 2, 2015

Hana no Namae – 花の名前 – The Names of Flowers

florera, florera, flor friolera
floreo, floreo, la primavera


Flower girl, flower girl, warm-weather flower
I bloom, I bloom, the spring


itsumademo owaranai onigokko
hidoku aimai de chuushou na eizou

A neverending game of tag
A terribly vague and abstract image

siempre, yo sabía
que siempre tu fabra estaba desacertada
yo sabía…


Always, I knew
That your fabra[1] was always mistaken
I knew…


itsumademo tokenokoru ORENJI no
ame o kamikudaku chuushou ni nita koi

A love like the abstraction
Of biting down on and crushing the last bit of orange candy


daremo shiranai hana no namae o oshiere agemashou

I’ll teach you the names of flowers no one knows


[1] “Fabra” can be a Spanish surname, but as far as I know and as far as Google will tell me, it’s not an actual word. Annabel is a native Spanish speaker, so I assume she knows what she’s doing, but I for one cannot figure out what it is.

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