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Sound Horizon – Kanojo ga Majo ni Natta Riyuu

June 1, 2016

Kanojo ga Majo ni Natta Riyuu – 彼女が魔女になった理由 – The Reason She Became a Witch


(“Naze desu ka, naze kono ko o kouhakuka no yotsugi to shite mitomete kudasaranai no desu!”
“Sono hanashi nara owatta hazu da.”
“Mekakebara dakara… ie, kono ko no karada ga fujiyuu da ka…”
“Kudoi zo!”
“Aa, kore wa subete… zenbu haha ga, kono ko o sonna fuu ni unda kono haha ga warui no de…”
“Kudoi to itte iru!”)

(“Why, why won’t you accept my child as an heir of the noble family?”
“We should be done having this discussion.”
“Is it because he’s illegitimate… or, no, because of his impairment…”
“Ah, this is all… it’s all my fault for having given birth to him that way…”
“Silence, I say!”)


(Anneliese, anata no kimochi wa itai hodo wakaru
soredemo watashi wa, anata o, yurusanai)

(Anneliese, I understand your feelings painfully well
But even so, I can never forgive you)

坊や 光を知らないアナタは
視力という その概念自体 解らなかった

bouya {Maer} hikari o shiranai ANATA wa
shiryoku to iu sono gainen jitai wakaranakatta

Maer, my son, not knowing light
You didn’t even have a concept of vision

坊や 背中に抱きつきアナタは
「おかあさん。ひかり、あったかいね」と 無邪気に笑った

bouya {Maer} senaka ni dakitsuki ANATA wa
“Okaa-san. Hikari, attakai ne” to mujaki ni waratta

Maer, my son, clinging to my back,
You innocently laughed, “Mother, light is warm, isn’t it?”

嗚呼 ごめんなさい ごめんなさい ごめんなさい
アナタを産んだのは 私です 私です 罪深い《私》です……

aa gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai
ANATA o unda no wa watashi desu watashi desu tsumibukai {watashi} desu…

Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry
I, I, I, with all my sins, am the one who bore you…


“Samukunai? MERU”

“Are you cold, Maer?”

Therese von Ludowingの知られざる物語……。

haha ni shite ane de ari, danzaisha ni shite shokuzaisha de atta.
Therese von Ludowing no shirarezaru monogatari….

Both a mother and a sister, both a sinner and an atoner
The untold story of Therese von Ludowing….

森に移り住み 贖罪の日々を
薬草を集めて 煎じてみたり
神に祈っても 届きはしないし
罪を抱きしめて 祈れやしない

mori ni utsurisumi shokuzai no hibi o
yakusou o atsumete senjite mitari
kami ni inotte mo todoki wa shinai shi
tsumi o dakishimete inore ya shinai

Moving to the forest, I began my days of atonement
I tried gathering and brewing up medicinal herbs
I prayed to God, but my prayers were unheard
So I embraced my sins and no longer prayed

せめてあの子の為に 出来る限りの全てを
遣りもしないで 唯 嘆いて等いられないわ

semete ano ko no tame ni dekiru kagiri no subete o
yari mo shinaide tada nageite nado irarenai wa

I couldn’t just give up and cry
Without having done everything I could possibly do for my child…


–kizu o iyashi, yamai o naoshi,
toki ni wa fuyu ni katamukikaketa akago o mo toriageta,
mori ni sumu kashikoi onna no uwasa wa,
itsushika senri o kakemeguri,
hiniku na unmei o michibiku koto to naru….

–Healing wounds, curing diseases,
Sometimes delivering a baby that was inclined towards winter… [1]
Before she knew it, rumors of a wise woman living in the forest
Had travelled a thousand leagues,
Beckoning an ironic fate….

その夜 駆け込んで来たのは お忍びの候妃で
月の無い闇の中を 希望の灯りを信じ
髪を振り乱す 母を奔らせたのは 訳ありの候女で
抱きしめた腕の中で もう息をしていなかった

sono yoru kakekonde kita no wa o-shinobi no kouhi de
tsuki no nai yami no naka o kibou no akari o shinji
kami o furimidasu haha o hashiraseta no wa wakeari no koujo de
dakishimeta ude no naka de mou iki o shite inakatta

That night, in secret, a noble lady came rushing in
Believing in a light of hope in the midst of a moonless night
What sent this mother running here, hair dishevelled,
Was that her daughter in her arms was no longer breathing

いえ、もうそんなことどうでもよいのです。生きてさえ! 生きてさえ……いてくれれば……」

(“Kono ko wa mada shinde nado orimasen! Watashi ni wa… watashi ni wa wakaru no desu!
Naze nara senjitsu made anna ni genki datta n’desu mono…. Watashi wa mitomemasen wa!
Shourai wa kanarazu ya bijin ni naru hazu no ko desu. Watashi no musume desu mono!
Teikoku-juu no tonogata ga hanatte okimasen wa. Komarimashita wa. Fufu.
Ie, mou sonna koto dou demo yoi no desu. Ikite sae! Ikite sae… ite kurereba…”
“Sophie-sama, o-ki o tsuyoku o-mochikudasai. Kenja-dono o shinjimashou.”)

(“My child can’t be dead yet! I…. I know it!
Because she was so healthy up until yesterday…. I won’t accept it!
She’ll surely grow up to be a great beauty. She’s my daughter, after all!
The gentlemen of the empire won’t leave her alone. I’m worried about that, haha.
No, that doesn’t matter at all now. As long as she’s alive! As long as she… stays alive…”
“Lady Sophie, please control yourself. We must believe in the wise woman.”)

その幼子を託して 妃は泣き崩れた……

sono osanago o takushite hi wa nakikuzureta…

Entrusting her baby to me, she broke down and cried…


sukuwareru inochi ga areba, ubawareru inochi ga aru.
sore o inga ouhou to kirisutete mo yoi no darou ka….

For every life saved, there’s a life lost.
Would it really be all right to discard that karmic principle….?

(Horst du mich, du stehent?
dann kann mir du glauben…grab mich aus…!)


(Can you hear me, you there?
Then you can believe me… dig me out…!)


totemo fushigi na dekigoto ni yotte
musuko wa hikari o te ni ireta kedo
sore ga hatashite shiawase na koto datta no ka
ima to natte wa yoku wakaranai…

Through very strange events,
My son obtained light
But was that so fortunate for him, in the end?
Even now, I’m not certain…


(“Thuringen no majo datte, kowai ne, nii-chan”
“Aa, ii ko ni shite’nai to… majo ni taberarechau zo!”
“Hii! Mou!”

(“The Thuringen Witch is so scary, big brother!”
“Yeah, and if you don’t behave yourself… the witch will come and gobble you up!”
“Eek! … Hey!”

一度は冬に抱かれた 愛しい可愛い私の坊や
生きて春の陽射しの中で 笑って欲しいと願った母の

ichido wa fuyu ni dakareta itoshii kawaii watashi no bouya
ikite haru no hizashi no naka de waratte hoshii to negatta haha no

My dear, sweet boy who was once embraced by winter
My only wish is for you to live smiling in the spring sunlight

異端には、業火をもって報いねばならん! さあ諸君!【魔女】へ鉄槌を!」

(“Shinkou o omonjireba onjou o!
Itan ni wa, gouka o motte mukuineba naran! Saa shokun! Majo e tettsui o!”
“Tettsui o!”)

(“If you value your faith, have compassion!
Heretics must be repaid with hellfire! Come, gentlemen! Let’s crush the witch!”
“Crush her!”)

想いも今や 唯 虚しく 束の間の陽光さえ
戯れに 奪われてしまった
観よ 嗚呼 この喜劇を ならば私は

omoi mo ima ya tada munashiku tsukanoma no youkou sae
tawamure ni ubawarete shimatta
miyo aa kono higeki o naraba watashi wa
sekai o norou honmono no {majo} ni….

But my wish has been in vain, and even our brief moment of sunlight
Has been stolen away just for sport
Ah, look at this comedy! In that case,
I will become a real witch and curse the world….


und die siebte Kömedie wird sich wiederholen

And the seventh comedy will continue to be replayed…


[1] It’s unclear what a child inclined/leaning towards winter is–it’s not an existing expression, as far as I can tell, just a Revo-ism–but by analogy with Hiver in Roman, I suspect this means that she helped with difficult births, where the child might have died before or during the birth if not for her intervention.

(Original lyrics by Revo.)

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