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n-buna – Shirayuki no Dokuhaku

March 6, 2018

Shirayuki no Dokuhaku – 白ゆきの独白 – Snow White’s Soliloquy


Hajimete douwa o kaita no wa itsu datta darou.
Nan no ki naku NOOTO ni kakihajimeta kuusou wa
dandan shitsuryou o motte,
kidzukeba hitotsu no sekai ga dekiagatte ita.

When was it that I first wrote a fairy tale?
The fantasy I started to jot down in a notebook without thinking anything of it
Slowly gathered mass,
And before I knew it I had created a world.


Sore kara ikudo fude o totta darou.
Ikutsu kakiageta darou.
Aru asa futo subete o mikaeshita toki,
yatto sore ni kidzuita.

Since then, how many times have I taken up the pen?
How much did I write down?
That morning when I suddenly found myself looking back on it all,
I finally realized something.


Subete tada tsuioku ja nai ka.
Toujou suru no wa kimi no daitaihin to,
sore o sagasu dareka no hanashi.
Amari ni tanchou de waratte shimatta.

It’s all nothing but reminiscence, isn’t it?
What came out was the story
Of a substitute for you, and of someone who was searching for that.
I was smiling too dully.


Haru o matsu mune ga kurushii.

Waiting for the spring, my heart aches unbearably.


These lyrics appear in the booklet but are not sung; the track has no vocals.

(Original lyrics by n-buna.)

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