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I’ve Sound – Leaf ticket

April 30, 2018

たたんだ手紙胸に押しあて 木々に眠る日々思えば
靴底いつか温む陽射しと 小枝を縫う風が答えをくれた

tatanda tegami mune ni oshiate kigi ni nemuru hibi omoeba
kutzuzoko itsuka nukumu hizashi to saeda o nuu kaze ga kotae o kureta

When I thought of the days when I slept under the trees pressing that folded letter to my chest
The sunlight that warmed the soles of my shoes and the wind that wove through the branches gave me my answer


kyou wa kimi ni hanashitai
iroasezu ni sodatsu yume mo aru n’da to

I want to tell you today
That there are dreams that grow without losing their color


kouendoori hatsukoufuku-iki no chiisa na CHIKETTO ageru yo
“mou hanasanai…” tooku de nagareru MERODI
haru no you na omoi ga kokoro ni michita kara

I’ll give you a little ticket bound for First Happiness via the park
“I won’t let you go…” says a distant, flowing melody
Because my heart is full of these spring-like feelings

少しは解りあえたのかな? 答えは今 横ではにかむ笑顔

sukoshi wa wakariaeta no ka na? kotae wa ima yoko de hanikamu egao

Have we been able to understand each other a little? The answer is smiling shyly by my side

古ぼけたカバンには 紅茶色に染まっていく写真だけ

furuboketa KABAN ni wa koucha-iro ni somatte yuku shashin dake

In my worn-out purse, there’s only a photograph that’s fading to sepia

なんにもいらない 幸福行きの列車は君と二人きり

nan ni mo iranai koufuku-iki no ressha wa kimi to futarikiri
tarinai mono wa tsugi no eki de sagasou
kokoro hareta kyou no hi wa kinou no mirai

I don’t need anything more; you and I are alone on this train bound for Happiness
Let’s look for the things we’re missing at the next station
We’ve got sunshine in our hearts today, and today is the future of yesterday

ほおづえの窓辺には ほろ苦くて甘い香り揺れるけど

hoodzue no madobe ni wa horonigakute amai kaori yureru kedo

By the window we’ve got our faces pressed up against, a bittersweet scent wavers, but


kouendoori hatsukoufuku-iki no chiisa na CHIKETTO nigiru yo
konna hareta hi wa daisuki na hito sasotte yukinasai to
sekkachi na kaze ga iu kara

I’m gripping my little ticket bound for First Happiness via the park
Because an impatient wind is saying,
“On a sunny day like this, you should go out with the one you love”

(Original lyrics by KOTOKO)

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