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Yorushika – Tada Kimi ni Hare

May 11, 2018

Tada Kimi ni Hare – ただ君に晴れ – Just a Sunny Day for You


yoru ni ukande ita
kurage no you na tsuki ga hazeta
BASUtei no se o nozokeba
ano natsu no kimi ga atama ni iru

The moon that floated in the night like a jellyfish
Has split open
When I glance at someone’s back at the bus stop
You, as you were that summer, are in my head




鳥居 乾いた雲 夏の匂いが頬を撫でる

torii kawaita kumo natsu no nioi ga hoho o naderu
otona ni naru made hora, senobi shita mama de

Torii gates, dried-out clouds; the scent of summer strokes my cheek
Until I become an adult, look, I’ll keep standing on tiptoe to make myself taller


asobitsukaretara BASUtei ura de sora demo miyou
jiki ni natsu ga kurete mo
kitto kitto oboete’ru kara

Tired out from playing, behind the bus stop I’ll even look at the sky
Even if the summer comes to an end soon
I’ll definitely, definitely remember


oitsukenai mama otona ni natte
kimi no POKETTO ni yoru ga saku
kuchi ni dasenai nara boku wa hitori da
sore de ii kara mou akiramete’ru

Becoming an adult without being able to catch up
Night blooms in your pocket
If I can’t put it into words I’ll be alone
But that’s all right, I’ve already resigned myself to it




夏日 乾いた雲 山桜桃梅 錆びた標識

natsuhi kawaita kumo yuusuraume sabita hyoushiki
kioku no naka wa itsumo natsu no nioi ga suru

A summer day, dried-out clouds, Nanking cherry trees, a rusted stoplight
In my memories, it always smells like summer


shashin nante kamikire da
omoide nante tada no gomi da
sore ga wakaranai kara, kuchi o tsugunda mama

Photographs are just scraps of paper
And memories are nothing but garbage
Because I didn’t understand that, I kept my mouth shut

絶えず君のいこふ 記憶に夏野の石一つ

taezu kimi no ikou kioku ni natsuno no ishi hitotsu

In my memory, you rest forever on the single stone in a summer field[1]

追いつけない ただ君に晴れ

utsumuita mama otona ni natte
oitsukenai tada kimi ni hare
kuchi ni dasenai mama saka o nobotta
bokura no kage ni yoru ga saite iku

Becoming an adult while looking down
I can’t catch up, it’s just a sunny day for you
Unable to put things into words, we climbed the hill
In our shadows, night is blooming


utsumuita mama otona ni natta
kimi ga omou mama te o tatake
hi no ochiru sakamichi o nobotte
bokura no kage wa

We’ve become adults while looking down
Clap your hands how you like
Climbing the road up the hill at sunset
Our shadows…


oitsukenai mama otona ni natte
kimi no POKETTO ni yoru ga saku
kuchi ni dasenakute mo bokura hitotsu da
sore de ii daro, mou

Becoming an adult without being able to catch up
Night blooms in your pocket
Even if we can’t put it into words, we are one
That’s enough, I think


kimi no omoide o kamishimete’ru dake

I’m only chewing over memories of you


The video includes a shot of some text that is not part of the song’s lyrics. It reads as follows:
The faint clouds drifting in the sky.
Nanking cherry trees. The smell of hot asphalt.
Poolside. The cicadas singing. Torii gates. Summer shadows.
Blue skies.
Throwing yourself down into the summer grass.
In my memory, the sky of Tokyo is an almost unchanging blue,
And I can even touch it with my fingertips.
Mirages. Behind the bus stop.
Wooden signs. Myrtle. Deja vu.
Weather vanes.

Memories so faint that I can’t think of them as mine.
The outline of the ghost I saw as a child.
The night sky. The end of summer. Jellyfish.
Fireflies.[2] Silhouettes.
Diverging paths. A rusted iron bar. The setting sun.
The warm breeze that strokes my cheek.
How high the clouds are. Eyes.
Water at night. Shoes. Fireworks.
A light trap that looks like the light filtering through the trees.
Memories. Late summer. We only sleep at night.
In my life from now on, stumbling will be commonplace.
Nevertheless, for you, there are no skies that aren’t sunny.

[1] This line references a haiku by Masaoka Shiki, “絶えず人 いこふ夏野の 石一つ,” which roughly translates to “people are always resting on the single stone in the summer field.” (That’s the whole haiku; they’re short.) Here’s a blog post that discusses the haiku, and some ways of translating it, in more detail.

[2] Specifically, the word is “genji-botaru,” a firefly species unique to Japan.

(Original lyrics by n-buna)

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  1. IamNobody permalink

    Hello, hello….I often see your blog credited for the translations of some of Yourushika’s songs. I finally visited your blog…
    Thank you so much for the translations and the footnotes…

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