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Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku) – Additional Memory

October 3, 2018

浮かんで 転げ落ちて

ukande korogeochite

Floating, rolling off,
I ran into the end credits

歪んで 変わり果てた

yugande kawarihateta
mirai no soumatou

The flashing images of my future[1]
Warped and changed completely

ただただ 虚しさ達を暈かしてみせた

mou oshimai ne
maku no kirete shimatta hakuchuumu wa
tadatada munashisa-tachi o bokashite miseta

It’s over, isn’t it?
The curtain’s come down on my daydream
That was only disguising futility

夕焼ける空 滲むメロディ

omoidashite shimau
yuuyakeru sora nijimu merodi

I remember, unwillingly,
The sun setting in the sky, the blurring melody

臆病になって ギュッと繋いだ手を

“kaerou, michi o machigawanai you ni”
okubyou ni natte GYUtto tsunaida te o
chuu ni mukete

“Let’s go home, so we won’t get lost”
I became cowardly and clung tightly to your hand
While looking vacantly into space

抱いてしまう 願ってしまう 贅沢な走馬灯
夕凪の向こうに 恋を認めて 緋を灯す

daite shimau negatte shimau zeitaku na soumatou
yuunagi no mukou ni koi o shitatamete hi o tomosu

I made the mistake of holding you, of wishing; flashing images of luxury
Beyond the evening calm, I light a red light to make a note of our love

過ぎ去っていく 腐っていく
存在証明を 拒んでしまったストーリー

sugisatte iku kusatte iku
tokashita honne wa
sonzai shoumei o kobande shimatta sutoorii

Disappearing, rotting
My true feelings melted
In a story where proof that I lived is forbidden

「また明日」なんてさ 言いたくなかったな
拭えない涙も 言葉も 嘘 嘘

“mata ashita” nante sa iitakunakatta na
nuguenai namida mo kotoba mo uso uso

I didn’t want to say “see you tomorrow”
The tears I couldn’t wipe and the words were lies, lies

友達なんかに なりたくなかったな

tomodachi nanka ni naritakunakatta na
kitto todokanai yo na

I didn’t want to “still be friends”
My feelings surely won’t reach you


gomen ne, daisuki yo

I’m sorry, I love you

これが勘違いなら 知りたくなかったな
溢れ出す涙が 空に吸い込まれる

kore ga kanchigai nara shiritakunakatta na
afuredasu namida ga sora ni suikomareru

If this was all a misunderstanding, I didn’t want to know
The tears that spill over are swallowed up by the sky

もう戻れないのに もう帰れないのに

mou modorenai no ni mou kaerenai no ni
imasara, uzuku n’da yo

Though I can’t go back, though I can’t return
Even now, it hurts

逆様に なったまま

sakasama ni natta mama

I’ve been turned upside down

あぁ、落ちていく 悟っていく
散っていった 走馬灯
夕映えの向こう 想いを染め上げた

aa, ochite iku satotte iku
chitte itta soumatou
yuubae no mukou omoi o someageta
koukai no uta

Ah, falling, reaching understanding
The flashing images scattered
Beyond the evening glow, my feelings were stained
By a song of regret

消さないでいて 覚えていて
遺した 本音は

kesanaide ite oboete ite
nokoshita honne wa
“shiawase” o kobande shimatta sutoorii

Indelible, remembered
My remaining true feelings are
A story where “happiness” is forbidden

友達なんかで 終わりたくなかったな
届かない涙が 空に吸い込まれる

tomodachi nanka de owaritakunakatta na
todokanai namida ga sora ni suikomareru

I didn’t want to end up as just friends
My tears that you don’t see are swallowed up by the sky

これが勘違いでも これが勘違いでも

kore ga kanchigai demo kore ga kanchigai demo
zutto iitakatta no

Even if this is a misunderstanding, even if this is a misunderstanding
I always wanted to say


sayonara, daisuki da yo

Goodbye, I love you


[1] “Soumatou” refers to a revolving lantern (like this), but is also used figuratively in an expression talking about one’s life/memories flashing before one’s eyes.

(Original lyrics by Jin)

  1. pls work permalink

    Hello! I’m a big fan of your translations (especially the sound horizon ones!) and really appreciate the work you do ^^
    I was hoping you’d allow me to add your translation of this song in a video I’m making for a piano arrangement I did?

    • Sure, as long as you credit me somewhere (in the video itself or the description or whatever works for you). Also, thank you! The Sound Horizon translations are a big effort, so it’s always good to hear they’re appreciated.

  2. kei permalink

    > yuunagi no mukou ni koi o shitatamete aka o tomosu

    Should be yuunagi no mukou ni koi o shitatamete hi o tomosu

    • Thank you! I have to admit, the transliteration part is not the part I enjoy, so sometimes in a rush to get to the translation I don’t check carefully enough for nonstandard kanji readings or for which reading is intended for kanji/compounds that can be read multiple ways within the same context. I’m sorry about that.

  3. Sorry to bother you, but recently someone on YouTube has been uploading several videos using other people’s translations without crediting them, including your translation of this song ( They seem to be willing to give credit, but only when asked in each individual song’s comments. I thought I should let you know in case you wanted to do something about it.

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