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Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku) – Million/Ones

October 23, 2018

わたしずっと 覚えてる

shinkirou mitai ni yurete
kuu o mitasu kotoba ga
umarete tabidatsu no o
watashi zutto oboete’ru

I’ll always remember
When the words that fill the air
Were born and began their journey
Wavering like a mirage

あぁ、心理も 定理も 大義も 好奇も 憎悪も 愛も 不条理も全部
君を映すもの その手が宿した叫び
わたしずっと 覚えてる

aa, shinri mo teiri mo taigi mo kouki mo zouo mo ai mo fujouri mo zenbu
kimi o utsusu mono sono te ga yadoshita sakebi
watashi zutto oboete’ru

Ah, I’ll always remember
Faith and reason and justice and curiosity and hate and love and irrationality
All of those things that reflect you, the shout that rested in your hands

ここにない 居ない 居ない 居ない 渇き
他愛もない 拙い真理

koko ni nai inai inai inai kawaki
taai mo nai tsutanai shinri
kimi dake ni mieru sekai ni
watashi datte iki o shite

A thirst that’s not, not, not, not here
A shoddy, foolish truth
In the world that only you can see
Even I can draw breath

巡り合った いつかのあの歌が
笑われた 数多のメロディが
今も 変わらずに叫ぶのさ
一つも 消えないまま

meguriatta itsuka no ano uta ga
warawareta amata no MERODI ga
ima mo kawarazu ni sakebu no sa
hitotsu mo kienai mama

That song that I encountered by chance
The many melodies that made people smile
Even now, people are shouting them out, unchanged
Not one of them will disappear

絶望の園に 根差す歌が
君の心に 届いたのか

zetsubou no niwa ni nezasu uta ga
kimi no kokoro ni todoita no ka

Did the song rooted in a garden of despair
Reach your heart?

君の未来に 聞きたいんだ
さぁ、連れ去ってよ その手で

kimi no mirai ni kikitai n’da
saa, tsuresatte yo sono te de

I want to hear about your future
Come, carry me away[1]

きっと生まれた はじめまして
わたし きっと死なないよ
ここで君を まだ君を待ってる

kimi ni itsuka deau tame ni
kitto umareta hajimemashite
watashi kitto shinanai yo
koko de kimi o mada kimi o matte’ru

I’m sure I was born to meet you someday
It’s nice to meet you
I won’t die
I’m still here waiting for you, for you

吐き棄てた 傷だらけのワーズ
痛みさえ 数えて
心ひとつを 声にした

hakisuteta kizudarake no WAAZU
itami sae kazoete
kokoro hitotsu o koe ni shita
yukuate mo nai mama

Counting the wounded words I spat out
And even the pain
I gave voice to a single heart
Without any destination

予定調和も 正義も ルールも 矜持も ルーツも
なんでもかんでも 全部
がむしゃらに 染め上げて

yoteichouwa mo seigi mo RUURU mo kyouji mo RUUTSU mo
nandemo kandemo zenbu
gamushara ni someagete

Recklessly color in
The preestablished harmony and righteousness and rules and pride and roots
Anything, everything, all of it

眩む目だけを 頼りに
未だ手を 伸ばしている

kuramu me dake o tayori ni
imada te o nobashite iru

With only my darkening vision to rely on
I’m still reaching out my hand

1000000回 無様に殴られて
1000000回 無力を知っていく
1000000回 未来を諦めて
1000000回と一度 前を向く

hyakumankai buzama ni nagurarete
hyakumankai muryoku o shitte iku
hyakumankai mirai o tashikamete
hyakumankai to ichido mae o muku

And so
If I’m beaten down clumsily one million times
And know my own helplessness one million times
I’ll confirm my future one million times
And one million and one times I’ll face forward

君を 貫くための

wasurete kureruna yo
kimi o tsuranuku tame no
tatta ichido no koe o

Don’t forget
That one voice
That pierced through you

それはね 夢のように
当然のように ここに在って

sore wa ne yume no you ni
touzen no you ni koko ni atte

As if in a dream,
As if it’s natural, that voice is here

崩れそうになる ときに
不意に 出会うんだ

kuzuresou ni naru toki ni
fui ni deau n’da

When you’re on the verge of collapse
We’ll suddenly meet
“Nice to meet you”

時には 嫌になって
傷だらけになって 本当になって

toki ni wa iya ni natte
kizudarake ni natte hontou ni natte

When things were bad,
When you were wounded, when that came to pass

血を流した メロディは
心臓の奥で やっと呼び合った

chi o nagashita MERODI wa
shinzou no oku de yatto yobiatta

The melody you poured your blood into
Finally called out to you from the bottom of your heart

バッと駆けた いつかの日が
受け取った 誰かの魂が
今もこの胸を 焦がすのさ
人生 その最中で

PAtto kaketa itsuka no hi ga
uketotta dareka no tamashii ga
ima mo kono mune o kogasu no sa
jinsei sono saichuu de

That day when I suddenly started running
And the soul I took from someone
Are still burning in my chest
In the middle of my life

いつだって 僕らのこの歌は
失った後に 芽吹いたんだ

itsudatte bokura no kono uta wa
ushinatta ato ni mebuita n’da

It always sprouted after
This song of ours was lost

誰も未来は わからないさ
聞こえたかい また名も無き歌が

daremo mirai wa wakaranai sa
saa, tomo ni yukou
kikoeta kai mata na mo naki uta ga

No one knows the future
But come on, let’s go together
Could you hear the song that still has no name?

…わたしずっと 覚えてる

… watashi zutto oboete’ru

… I’ll always remember


[1] The line more literally translates to “take me away [with you], with/in your hands.” This song is one of those that talk about Miku as a Vocaloid by framing the Vocaloid/producer relationship in traditionally romantic language, and this line is part of that framing. But “sono te de” has much broader applicability than its English counterpart, so to say “take me away in your hands” is to make the line unambiguously about Miku as software (or at least, it would sound very weird if you’ve been envisioning her as a person thus far), which isn’t the intent. Meanwhile, any way I could think of to reword it while keeping the mention of “your hand(s)” (like “take my hand in yours and lead me away”) wouldn’t work on a literal level (Miku, of course, doesn’t actually have hands you can hold). Ultimately, “Carry me away” was the best I could do to preserve the double meaning.

(Original lyrics by Jin and kemu)

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