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Yorushika – 8/31 (#1)

April 21, 2019

8/31 “Untitled”
Stockholm, Gamla stan
The hustle and bustle falling on the cobblestone pavement

I don’t have much ink left.
I think I’ll fill this box with the songs I wrote while I was traveling and the pictures I took.
In this country, if I photograph even a single street corner, a familiar smell comes to me from somewhere.
I’m pretty terrible at taking pictures, but I printed all the ones that weren’t blurry.
Elma, all the words and melodies in this box are yours now, so you can do whatever you like with them. I certainly don’t need them anymore.

To the end, I stayed the same, no matter where I went.
A hideous ghost driven mad by art, selfishly putting on an attitude of pessimism, thinking only of my work.
Yes, in the end, music, to me, was–

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  1. DoOrDoNut@-@ permalink

    It’s so sad he never gets to finish his letter (π-π)

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