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Welcome to EJ Translations!

This site contains translations of Japanese popular music and songs from a variety of Japanese media such as anime and video games. To find the song you’re looking for, use the drop-down category menus above, the search box on the right, or the tag cloud.

If you find an error in any of these translations, would like to use them in some other project, or have any other questions, please contact me at the.xenographer [at] gmail [dot] com or comment on the relevant entry. You may repost the lyrics as they are with credit and a link to this site.

Much of this content also appears on, but the versions there may be older and less polished than the versions found here.

For my translations of songs from countries other than Japan, see my profile on LyricsTranslate.

These translations were done for fun and as a language-learning exercise. I have no official authorization to translate these lyrics. If you hold the rights to any of these lyrics and wish for the translation on this site to be removed, contact me at the email address above.

I do not take translation requests.