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Jin feat. IA (Vocaloid) – Dead and Seek

July 28, 2021


gensou hanashi no bosou
tobikonda jiko no kanata kara
tanshin de boku wa ki ga tsuita

A fantastical story ran wild
After the incident I jumped into,
Left alone, I had a realization


hanmen, kanojo wa shissou
kurikaeshita hanryo no kaiwa no ondo wa
kantan ni nouri de zouo ni natte

She, however, had disappeared
Her warm words, repeated over and over,
Easily turned to hatred in my brain


sono shunkan ishiki no kouyou
ki no tooku naru hodo no ryou no
keisan de atama ga tsumatta

That moment, my consciousness was heightened
Calculations filled my head to bursting,
Enough to drive me mad[1]


kore ga “jintai soshiki no henbou”
saekitta me no haishoku ga nandaka
kaibutsu jimitenai desu ka

This is a “transformation of the structure of the human body”
Doesn’t the color of those perfectly clear eyes[2]
Somehow look like a monster’s?

脳汁治まらない 細胞が知ろうとする
真夏日を描いた 赤、白、青の幻想

noujiru osamaranai saibou ga shirou to suru
manatsubi o kaita aka, shiro, ao no gensou

My brain chemicals won’t settle down; my cells try to understand
The midsummer days are drawn out in red, white, and blue fantasies


kaibou de chi ni nureta te o totte yo

Take this hand soaked in blood from a dissection


kitto kimi wa mada ano natsu no ondo ni
shibararete’ru n’da

Surely the heat of that summer
Still holds you bound


“boku wa mada seijou sa”
daijoubu, kimi igai o XX shite demo
sugu tasukeru kara

“But I’m definitely still normal”
It’s okay, even if I have to XX everyone other than you
I’ll come to save you soon


suunen amari no kenkyuu
sono seido wa jinrui shinpo no
suuseiki-bun mo no seika ni natta

It was more than a few years of research
With such precision that it led to results
Worth centuries of human progress


gensou riron no kyuumei
ano suuki de myoumi de
doushiyou mo nai you na
kuukan wa dou ni mo yakkai sou de

An investigation of the theory of fantasy
That unfortunate, beautiful
Empty space that nothing can be done with
Is troublesome, no matter how you look at it


are wa kuusou sekai no sonzai?
monogatari no “nakami” no you de
higenjitsu jimite ita n’da

Is that the existence of the fantasy world?
At first it seemed like the “contents” of a story
But it really looked like unreality


tada tanjun kagaku wa soumei
ano toki to onaji you ni kaite yarou
“kimi to, boku no you ni”[3]

Simply put, only science is wisdom
I’ll draw it out just like I did back then
“Like you, and me”

絶対に許さない 明るい未来なら

zettai ni yurusanai akarui mirai nara
ano hi kara, mou zenbu ubawarete shimatta

I’ll never allow this “bright future” to come
For since that day, everything has been taken from me


sonzai o tashikameru you ni kyou mo mata

To confirm its existence, today, again,

実験を始めよう カウントダウンで
あのドアを さぁ、もう一回開こうか

jikken o hajimeyou kauntodaun de
ano doa o saa, mou ikkai hirakou ka

I’ll start the experiment with a countdown
Shall I open that door once more?


“nee. tsugi wa kimi no ban da yo.
umaku nigerareru ka na?”

“Hey, it’s your turn next.
I wonder if you’ll successfully run away?”


[1] ”気が遠くなる” (ki ga tooku naru), literally meaning “(someone’s) senses become far away (from them),” can either mean to go insane or to fall unconscious. Given the snake’s effect on Kenjirou’s mental state and the fact that he becomes unconscious when the snake takes over his body, the intended meaning in this case could be either, or both.

[2] ”目が冴える” (me ga saeru) is a figurative expression meaning to be wide awake or alert, but literally translates to “(someone’s) eyes are clear.” (The verb, meaning “to be clear,” here appears in the form 冴えきった, where -きった means the action is completely finished, to the point where it couldn’t possibly continue – i.e., his eyes could not be more clear/he could not be more awake or alert.) I’ve gone with the literal translation in this case to preserve the obvious connection to the Snake of Clearing Eyes (目が冴える蛇/me ga saeru hebi).

[3] The meaning of this line is a little unclear – “ように” can either mean “similar to” or “for the sake/purpose of.” Since that expression, written slightly differently, is used in the previous line in the former sense (unambiguously), I’m inclined to think he’s comparing something – possibly his test subjects – to himself and his wife, but it’s also possible that he’s saying “I’m doing these terrible experiments for you and me (so we can be together again).”

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