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Yorushika – Hachigatsu, Nanigashi, Tsukiakari

August 31, 2019

Hachigatsu, Nanigashi, Tsukiakari – 八月、某、月明かり – August, That Place, Moonlight[1]


nani mo iranai

I don’t need anything

心臓が煩かった 歩くたび息が詰まった

shinzou ga urusakatta aruku tabi iki ga tsumatta
hajimete BAITO o nigedashita
ongaku mo seikatsu mo, mou dou demo yokatta
tada ki ni kuwanai mono bakari ga fueta

My heart became irritated; as I walked, it got hard to breathe
When I first ran away from my part-time job
I didn’t care anymore about music or life or anything
The number of things that annoyed me just kept increasing

夜風が鼻を擽ぐった この胸の痛みは気のせいだ
わかってた わかった振りをした

hachigatsu bou, tsukiakari, jitensha de tonde
Higashifushimi no koukakyou, Kodaira, Fujimidoori to shoutengai
yokaze ga hana o kusugutta kono mune no itami wa ki no sei da
wakatte’ta wakatta furi o shita

On that August day, in that place, there was moonlight, I was flying on my bike
The elevated bridge at Higashifushimi, Kodaira, Fujimidoori and the shopping area
The night wind tickled my nose, and the pain in my heart wasn’t real–
I understood that; I pretended to understand that

最低だ 最低だ

saitei da saitei da
boku no zenbu saitei da
kimi o katachi ni nokoshitakatta
omoide ni nante shite yaru mon ka

I’m the worst, I’m the worst
Everything about me is the worst
I wanted something concrete to remember you by
I don’t want to let you become just a memory!

最低だ 最低だ

saitei da saitei da
kimochi yokute shikata ga nai wa
saitei datte kono kashi jitai ga

I’m the worst, I’m the worst
There’s no point to just feeling good
Because these lyrics, too, are the worst


jinsei, nijuunana de shineru nara ROKKUN ROORU wa boku o sukutta
kangaeru no mo yame da! douse shinu n’dakara
kimi mo, nani mo iranai

If my life could end at twenty-seven, rock and roll saved me[2]
By saying “Stop thinking so much! You’ll die anyway”
I don’t need anything, even you


shinzou ga urusakatta
warau hodo nodo ga kawaita
hajimete kokoro o uridashita
kyoushin mo PURAIDO mo, mou dou demo yokatta
ki ni kuwanai yatsu ni mo atama o sageta

My heart became irritated
I laughed until my throat went dry
The first time I sold my heart
I didn’t care anymore if it was pride or heart disease
I bowed my head even to people that annoyed me


hachigatsu bou, ano koro no keshiki o mataida
SUTOKKUHORUMU no rotenshou, KIRUNA, GAMURASUTAN wa ishidatami
kimi dake o mune ni shimatta
kono sora no aosa mo ki no sei da
waratte’ta, waratta kao no mama

On that August day, in that place, I strode through the scenery of the past
The street vendors of Stockholm, Kiruna, the cobbled streets of Gamlastan
You were the only thing shut away inside my heart
Even the blue of the sky is just my imagination
I was smiling; my face just stayed that way

最低だ 傲慢だ 君もみんな貪欲だ
知っていた 知っていた

saitei da gouman da kimi mo minna donyoku da
DORAMACHIKKU na uta mo ai mo saa, baka rashikute shikata ga nai wa
shitte ita shitte ita
kimi no jinsei, kimi no mono da
saitei da tte ikura sakebou ga

I’m the worst, I’m too arrogant; you’re as greedy as anyone else
There’s no point in dramatic songs or loves, it just makes you look like a fool
I knew, I knew
Your life was your own
However much I shouted “It’s the worst”


sou da, kitto sou da
ano yo de wa ROKKUN ROORU ga nagarete’ru n’da
sanbika to ka hayaranai
kami-sama ga inai n’dakara
tsumi mo ayamachi mo hanzai mo jisatsu mo sensou mo MAINORITI mo zenbu shiranai

That’s right, of course that’s right
Rock ‘n’ roll flows through the world beyond
While hymns and stuff aren’t that popular
Because there’s no god
I don’t know anything about sins or mistakes or crimes or suicide or wars or minorities

最低だ 最低だ 別れなんて傲慢だ

saitei da saitei da wakare nante gouman da
kimi no subete ni unazukitai n’da
sonna no giman to onaji da, ERUMA

It’s the worst, it’s the worst; to leave was arrogance
I want to agree with you on everything
But that would be deceiving you, Elma

最低だ 最低だ 愛おしくて仕方がないわ

saitei da saitei da itooshikute shikata ga nai wa
DORAMACHIKKU na yoru de boku o itamitai

It’s the worst, it’s the worst; I can’t help this affection
I want to mourn myself in the dramatic night

最低だ 最低だ 言葉なんて冗長だ

saitei da saitei da kotoba nante jouchou da
kimi no jinsei wa tsukiakari da
arigachi da nante iwaseru mono ka

It’s the worst, it’s the worst; these words are just redundant
Your life is moonlight
I could never say it was commonplace

最低だ 最低だ 笑われたって仕方がないわ

saitei da saitei da warawaretatte shikata ga nai wa
saitei nante goro dake no kashi da

It’s the worst, it’s the worst; I can’t help being laughed at
These lyrics that sound nice but mean nothing are the worst


jinsei, nijuunana de shineru nara ROKKUN ROORU wa boku o sukutta
kangaeru no mo yame da! douse shinu n’dakara

If my life could end at twenty-seven, rock and roll saved me
By saying “Stop thinking so much! You’ll die anyway”


ima mo, ai mo, kako mo, yume mo, omoide mo, hanauta mo, usui me mo, yokasumi mo,
yasashisa mo, kurushisa mo, hanabusa mo, yuuutsu mo, ano natsu mo, kono uta mo,
gizen mo, yokaze mo, uso mo, kimi mo, boku mo, aotenjou mo, nani mo iranai

The present, love, the past, dreams, memories, humming, light-colored eyes, night mist,
Tenderness, pain, flowers, melancholy, that summer, this song,
Hypocrisy, the night wind, lies, you, myself, the blue sky–I don’t need any of them


[1] “某” can be read as “bou” or “nanigashi,” and while it’s “bou” in the lyrics themselves, n-buna has pronounced it “nanigashi,” though he said on Twitter that he didn’t have a strong preference between the two readings of the title. The word just means “a certain…” and usually has a noun appended to it unless it’s referring to a person, but n-buna has stated that in this case it does not refer to a person, but a place, and possibly also a time.

[2] A reference to the 27 Club, a term that originated in the 1970s when Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, and Jimi Hendrix all died at the age of 27 within several years of each other; it gained more prominence in the 1990s when Kurt Cobain also died at that age. While it’s since expanded to include actors and other celebrities–not to mention musicians in other genres–it’s still heavily associated with rock musicians specifically.

(Original lyrics by n-buna.)

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  1. ZFantasy permalink

    Great translation as always

  2. lunacria permalink

    i’m so glad you’re translating these! thank you!!

  3. zixd bicde permalink

    Thank you so much for posting this. Please keep up the good work!

  4. Kougeru permalink

    Just googled you after watching “言って。” Spent a good 30 minutes reading lyrics now lol. Fantastic work all around. I’ve probably been reading your lyrics for a long time, if you’ve been posting on Animelyrics for the last decade+. Anyway, thanks for your work in the past and thanks for translating this awesome song!

  5. Finally found lyrics!! Thank you!!

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